In everyday sociality, people don’t usually think things through before they say what they want.

In most cases, it turns out alright, but on the off-chance that it doesn’t, the effects are not always visible.

If, for instance, you have a proclivity to tease other people and to bring them down through your sense of humour, you would not necessarily have any way to tell, or incentive to know, whether the other person took it badly or not.

The relation between facial expressions and affect (our thoughts, feelings and attitudes) has been well-established in the research literature, but you can’t…

Postmodernity takes its toll on all of us, and dating is no outlier.

Truth of the matter is that showing your emotional weaknesses unrestrainedly in the early stages of a relationship is neither wholly encouraged nor conducive to romantic success.

You’re still expected to be a man and to just take shit. Harbouring feelings stemming from a belief of inadequacy, such as envy, internalized anger and shame, is not perceived as attractive.

Society expects these visceral difficulties to be dealt with on one’s own. These feelings are conceived of as your own introspectional issues that you’re projecting onto the world.

The Cave by Monika Bickei

Finding passes in the keep

I see the paths align

Forever I might ever seek

An end to all of time

Anguish finds its final peace

In the inner golden mine

Of sorrows I shall never speak

When creation is prime

As the piece finds its conclusion

And the dissonance is dissolved

As the paintings are hung upon the wall

I feel an inner thorn

Empty all inside, I see

No necessity of form

Why must I remember

The meaning of old

On again, off again, go, go, go

Painting by Claude Lorrain

What shall go on by necessity

As vicissitudes change, thoughts wither

Actions end, dreams change

People change

Feelings of torment, they linger and soften

Sweet moments appear like droplets of mirth

Periods of glamour go over

Former bliss so sharply cut

My heart is my heart

Events astound

My freedom unfolds

What blessing untold

Confucianism is the political and social philosophy established by its progenitor Confucius and later developed by other leading thinkers within the Confucian tradition, notably Mencius, a disciple of the founder.

It has proved to be the most enduring moral and spiritual framework of Chinese public philosophy, and to this day it enjoys paramount importance as the essential social insitution in East Asian societies at large, even experiencing a revival as guiding mores in mainland China.

The central values of Confucianism could be summarised according to the following scheme:

  • family commitment
  • ritual (li)
  • the material well-being of the people
  • humaneness (ren)

In the modern world, our understanding of freedom has been shaped at large by the deluge of Anglification, capitalism, and the philosophy ultimately characterizing the British Isles.

It’s the instrumental and ‘affaired’ mindset of the British that has been the ‘interested’ foundation of modern everyday thinking, which is why we go around consuming material objects that we don’t need and indeed don’t want yet continue to cling to in the vain hope that they will bring us lasting, complete fulfillment after our distress has receded. But it never comes.

Alain de Benoist, the doyen of the Nouvelle Droite, has challenged…

Apollo Belvedere

Throughout the Enlightenment and well into the Romantic era, the legacy of classical continuity in art and culture was preserved and revered as the foundation of Western beauty.

The aesthetification of man was effected through artistic conventions such as the central linear perspective, natural proportion, and pristine symmetry as well as contextual themes with a long and continous pedigree, like naturalism and monumentality.

Aesthetic classicism was not merely preserved, but also revitalized and invigorated by a new cultural flowering and spiritual renaissance, exemplified by the Renaissance, the Neoclassical movement and the broader yet somewhat differentiated Romantic movement.

The integrity of…

What is the nature of the past? How can we investigate it? Is it possible to obtain insights into the absolute essence of history?

These preliminary questions are meant to get the student of history into the right mindset when approaching earlier times than our own.

Personally, I believe that an absolute knowledge of history, or the prospect of reaching the end of history itself, are equally implausible.

Indeed, a straight-cut answer is not just unlikely – it would actually be restrictive in the sense that it would preclude the articulation of novel insights into and helpful notions about the…

Self-imposed isolation in these dreary times can be exhausting and frustrating, always surrounded by the same people in your household day after day in an otherwise relentless demand economy.

But it also opens a window of opportunities for self-exploration and discovery, as a novel and liberating way to reinvigorate one’s old life. This was harder to make time for earlier in the repetitive everyday cycle of work, Netflix, and sleep.

Over the course of recurrent quarantine ordinances from above, I’ve had more time than ever to try out new hobbies and interests: I’ve picked up yoga, German, solitaire, journaling, and…

The experience of ascending the top of a mountain or other sorts of arduous zeniths in nature entails a profound spiritual dimension.

This exhilarating climax of relief and ecstasy from having expanded one’s boundaries helps you to attain transcendence, a vital yet missing part of modern human ontology.

In addition, the expansion of your comfort zone gives you a more confident and self-assured bearing in everyday life, whilst affording you greater appreciation of natural beauty, of course. …

Hercynian Forest

Communitarian progressive and history buff. Socioeconomic and intellectual history, general history, philosophy, politics, art, culture, ideology, social issues

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